Friday, June 24, 2016

Pig's Eye Lake Park

This photo is off Pig's Eye Lake Road.
Pig's Eye Lake Park is, I believe, the largest park in St. Paul and also the least visited due to access problems. The park has been expanded to include a number of regions. The largest section is by the city's sewage treatment plant on Childs Road; just before the plant, there is a hard-to-see turn that takes one around the plant and there is a small region not marked "Private Property" or "No Trespassing" that belies the huge expanse behind it. There is another entry, almost as difficult to use, on Pig's Eye Lake Road; just past the wood exchange is a low-lying area (often a pond) with just enough space to turn a car and is adjacent to private property marked "no trespassing." The former fish hatchery lands, controlled by the DNR (which has an office next to it) has an archery range being built on the north end, just off the Sam Morgan trail at Warner Road. From Battle Creek Park, one can take the Sam Morgan trail, as well, to the east side of Pig's Eye Lake. Two more sections, completely unconnected to the others by land can be reached only from Red Rock Road; one is the very end of that road, the other is the pond/wetland on the east side of the road.

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