Monday, May 2, 2016

Margaret Recreation Center

This rec center is between Earl and Frank Streets and between Margaret and Beech. There's a hill that gets a lot of sledding action in the winter.

Skidmore Park

This small park was an empty lot for 100 years before becoming a community garden. It's north of 4th Street, east of Earl.

Dayton's Bluff Recreation Center

This rec center is located between Conway and Euclid and between Mendota and Bates.

Three Judges Park

Not officially a park yet, this triangle at 3rd Street and Arcade Street is named for three famous judges who once lived in the area (Earl Warren, Warren Burger and... I forget the other).

Metro State Islands

Added just for completeness, there are some islands with plantings near Maria and 5th streets.

Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary

This is a fairly new park in St. Paul and quite large, with a variety of interesting geological features. The entrance is on 4th Street west of Commercial Street, under the 3rd street bridge.

Maria Avenue Triangle

This small triangle has off-and-on sported a variety of trees and flowers. It is at the intersection of Maria Avenue and McLean Avenue.

McLean/Mound Triangle

This is one of the tiniest pieces of public land in St. Paul, at the intersections of McLean Ave. and Mound Street. It's not to be confused with the nearby Maria Triangle.

Mounds Park

Indian Mound Park is frequently called "Mounds Park," but there is an actual park by that name nearby. It has a playground and athletic fields and is entered from Suburban Ave west of Earl Street.

Indian Mounds Park

Indian Mounds Park is one of the largest parks of St. Paul, famous for the burial mounds along the river bluff. It lies across the Mississippi River from the airport. The mounds themselves are near the intersection of Mounds Blvd. and Earl Street.

Johnson Parkway

The very southern end of the parkway, looking north.
Johnson Parkway has a boulevard that runs from Indian Mounds Park to the south to Phalen Regional Park to the north.

Highway 61 Scenic Overlook

In the short section of Burns Avenue east of Highway 61 and west of Upper Afton road lies the entrance to this roadside rest area with a few picnic tables and a panoramic view of the Mississippi River and downtown St. Paul.

Burns Avenue Park

This rather charming park lies in a valley north of Burns Avenue, west of Hazelwood. It's well-equipped and next to a church on the east and apartments to the northwest.

Suburban Pond and Triangle

The somewhat misnamed Suburban Pond is located south of Suburban Avenue, east of White Bear Avenue. There is a tiny separate traffic triangle adjacent to it on Suburban.

Conway Park

The Conway Rec Center (formerly Conway Heights Playground) is adjacent to the Sun Ray library, between Ruth and Howard and between Conway and Wilson.

Eastview Recreation Center

The Eastview playground and rec center is between Margaret and 5th and between Flandrau and Kennard.

Birmingham Pond

This stormwater pond is located on the south side of Minnehaha Ave, across the street from the post office.

Wilder Recreation Center

Not the best shot, I admit.
The Wilder playground and rec center is between Edgerton and Jessie and between Case and York.