Friday, June 3, 2016

Mississippi River Bluff Preservation Open Spaces

Charlie's at the entrance to this easily-missed path.
There are a dozen open spaces in this set, some owned by the parks department, some are tax-forfeit lands not yet incorporated. Many are difficult to find. The majority of them are empty lots along the right-of-way to the unimproved Mystic Street and Piedmont Street right-of-ways, which have a few entry points the neighbors would rather you didn't know. Where the paved section of Mystic Street appears to dead end in a driveway, most of the driveway is public land and there is a path entrance at the end of it. There is another entrance to Mystic Street from the Highwood Preserve. There's a theoretical entrance on the unimproved Piedmont Street, but the space is patrolled by a dog who doesn't care that you technically have a right to go there. The easiest entrance is between #533 and #545 Burlington Road, near a fire hydrant, where two paths enter the woods; these are easiest to see in early spring and late fall.

Here's my notes to all locations (a city park map will help):

1) btwn 533 and 545 Burlington
2) east of 674 Pt. Douglas
3) east of 700 Pt. Douglas (north of Elmwood)
4) east of 738 Point Douglas, north of 2051 Howard Ct.
5) Springside Drive east of 2077, west of 799 Winthrop (stormwater pond)
6) south of 2034 Pt. Douglas
7) east, across from, 2090 to 2116 Highwood
8) 2120 Skyway Drive (part of Henry Pk?)
9) south of 2082 skyway, across from 2087.
10) west (behind) 2100 Skyway
11) Lower Afton Rd, 300 ft. east of Battle Creek Rd, west of #281
12) lower Afton Rd, 300 ft. east of Point Douglas, between 432 Pt. Douglas and 405 Burlington, north of 409 Burlington
13) from alley west of 450 Burlington, east of 464 Pt. Douglas (@bend in road) to east of 482 Pt Douglas (north of 471 Mystic)

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